Terms of Use


Terms and conditions

General information

1. The ART-dog online store is operated by:


OKRZEI 51e/12

68-200 ŻARY

nip: 9282055091

further referred to as “the Seller”.


2. The Customer must be an adult person.


3. Visitors to the store must not use the website to upload or to distribute any illegal content.


4. The Seller sells his goods via the internet site.


5.The price of the item(s) is binding from the moment of concluding the purchase/sale agreement. The purchase/sale agreement is concluded upon receiving an email by the Customer in witch the Seller confirms the acceptance of the order.


6. The transaction is based on the terms described in the version of Terms and Conditions in force at the time of the purchase.

The content of the online store should be treated as an invitation to enter an agreement with the Seller.


7. For further information, contact the Sellerat: 0048 509 308 253 or by email: liszka.k@gmail.com.



Privacy Notice


1. The database containing customer’s personal data is registered in the Bureau of the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data.


2. The Seller declares that he will not disclose any customer's private information to third parties.


3. The customer by registering on the website and purchasing an item, gives consent to processhis/herpersonal data in order to complete the order.


4.The Seller makes the highest effort possibles to protect customers' personal data from anunauthorizedaccess.


5. Every customer has the right to review, correct and update his/her personal data or to demand to discontinue processing it. In case of a request to cease processing personal data, all information about a customer is  deleted from the store’s database In order to do so, please submit a written statement to the head quarters or send a request by email to: liszka.k@gmail.com

Sale conditions

1. Orders may be placed: on the website, by e-mail at: liszka.k@gmail.com or phone: 0048 509 308 253


2.The completion of the order may be accelerated if the Customer provides his/her current phone number and e-mail address - to confirm the order. The Customer will be informed of the order acceptance on the phone and / or via e-mail. Orders which can not be verified within 7 days,- will not be realized.


3. The completion of the order may be accelerated if the Customer provides his/her current phone number and e-mail address - to confirm the order. The Customer will be informed of the order acceptance on the phone and / or via e-mail. Orders which can not be verified within 7 days,- will not be realized

4. Customers who submitted their email addresses will be informed about the order status by email.


6. Discounts and special offers, which customers may be offered after shopping, cannot be combined.


1. Orders are shipped within 5 business days from the moment of receiving the payment.


2. The shipment will be confirmed via e-mail.


3. If you are buying several items, please contact us to determine shipping costs.


4. If the packaging is ripped, dented, or simply you suspect that someone could have broken it, open the package in the presence of the deliverer. If the product is damaged he will prepare a protocol. If you notice that the product is damaged later, within a maximum of three days you should go to the nearest post office and prepare the protocol. In such cases, you should notify the seller immediately.


5. In case of a significant delay in delivery, please contact us to determine what is causing the problem. We have no influence on the work of the postal service but in every case we are trying to help to determine where the parcel is located.


6. If the Customer does not reclaim the package, the Seller reserves the right to pursue claims in relation to costs incurred.


7. The ordered items are Post sent by mail (Poczta Polska).


1. Payments for ordered items can be made by bank transfer to our account, or by PayPal.


Complaints and returns

1. The consumer has the right to return the purchased products within 10 days from the delivery date. In order to return a purchase, submit a written statement of withdrawal from the agreement concluded at a distance. In the case of withdrawal, the contract shall be considered numm and void and the consumer shall be free from any obligations. The rendered items shall be returned unchanged, unless the change has been necessary under the limits of an ordinary management. In case of non-compliance with the a bone econditions, the product will not be accepted


2. Returns should be made immediately, not later than within -14 days. Items sent as freebies should also be returned with the ordered items.


3. The Seller will refund the money after receiving the shipment


4. Damaged or faulty products should be returned to the following address:


Street: Jagiellonska 10/7

Post code: 68-200

City: Zary



The Customer covers the costs of shipment but will be given a refund after the Seller receives the item and adjusts a complaint.


5. Products sent back store ART-dog store must be packed in a way that ensures their safety and security during the delivery.


6.  Differences arising from the Customer’s individual computer settings (color, aspect ratio, etc.) can goods not be the grounds for a complaint.


7. The following in stances are not subject to a complaint”  :

- Mechanical, thermal, chemical or any other damage caused by the action or omission of the Customer of by an external force. 

- Damage to glass components caused by an improper use,

- Damage caused by alterations, repairs and changes made by the user or unauthorized third parties,

- In case of complaint made about a fully functional product the store does not bear expenses of its resending.



1. The Seller always tries to resolve all the disputes amicably and, if such amiable negotiations fail, any such disputes shall be settled by the competent courts.


2. All the descriptions and product images are the property of the Seller and their use for any purpose without the consent of the owner is prohibited.